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We are growing a platform where girls and women are empowered to create opportunities for themselves & others through various initiatives.
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SkillHer Meets

SkillHer Meets offers an avenue for young ladies and dynamic women to come together, learn, enhance life skills, elevate each other and discuss a variety of topics with themselves and inspiring facilitators.

SkillHer SAW

SAW (Skills Acquisition Workshop) is our intensive program where women across all age ranges learn various skills through workshops, comprehensive training sessions & carefully curated programs.

SkillHer Young

“SkillHer Young” is our cool way of saying ‘Catch them young’. This captures our programs & events purposefully designed to help younger ones assimilate the right mindset in their formative years.


SkillHer Forum

Skillher Forum is our vibrant online community for ambitious women. Currently with over 100 committed participants, everyone here co-learns in real-time, elevates and supports each other while reaching for upward economic mobility and financial independence. Participants routinely dive into engaging discussions, access valuable resources, build connections and forge meaningful relationships with like-minded peers across various walks of life. Join today via the link below, to be a part of this wonderful women community where members are empowered to thrive, achieve financial independence, and embrace exciting journeys!

Programs Framework

SkillHer Meets

SkillHer Meets is where a community of ambitious women gather regularly to learn, grow, and share experiences. This program is designed exclusively for young ladies and women who are eager to enhance life skills, expand their networks, and embark on a journey of continuous self-improvement guided by inspiring contemporaries, mentors and coaches.

SkillHer SAW

SkillHer SAW is designed to run three times a year for a period of one to three months depending on the skill signed up for. During each cycle, there are periodic review sessions where participants share their progress, learnings and exhibit their work. Successful participants are thereafter supported with tools, assets, or monetary awards to help advance their work.

SkillHer Young

SkillHer Young offers girls an inclusive platform that gives them a sense of belonging and helps them nurture their personal growth through specially designed programs & events filled with all sorts of fun and interactive activities. The girls are encouraged to explore their emotions, creativity and individual strengths.

About us


At SkillHer, Our vision is to create a platform where girls and women are empowered to create sustainable opportunities and livelihood for themselves and others.


Helping girls and women take the lead, earn a decent living and maximize their overall potential



  • To create a community of sisterhood for young women and girls

  • To help Her develop leadership capabilities

  • To help Her maximize her personal, social & economic potential

  • To help Her live a sustainable and healthy life

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